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      Wanxiang Today

      LU Guanqiu’s spirit is worth summarizing and Wanxiang culture should be carried forward GAO Yunlong, Vice-Chairman of CPPCC and Chairman of CFIC visits Wanxiang


      GAO Yunlong, Vice-Chairman of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and Chairman of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, visited Wanxiang on the morning of 7th September. He recognized the advantages of Wanxiang’s international development and emphasized that LU Guanqiu’s spirit was worth summarizing and Wanxiang spirit should be carried forward.

      GAO asked about Wanxiang’s R&D investment, Karma clean energy intelligent power automobile, technical characteristics of Wanxiang battery, and current domestic industrial situation in detail. LU Weiding made separate reports accordingly. GAO nodded approvingly when hearing that Wanxiang has already become the largest start-stop battery manufacture in the world and Wanxiang possesses a full set of world-leading industrial chain technologies of battery production.

      LU Weiding reported three missions Wanxiang is now working on. First, summarize the spirit of the founder of Wanxiang, which is the wealth of the whole society and will run through the development of the group. Second, focus on the Innovation & Energy-gathering City, which is an innovative choice Wanxiang has made to better greet the future. Third, establish a stockholding system, which is an attempt to activate the wisdom and allocate the future.

      After watching the simulation of the intelligent interactive digital sand table of Wanxiang Innovation and Energy-gathering City, GAO inquired the progress of Wanxiang Innovation and Energy-gathering City in detail and spoke highly of the innovative thoughts and practices, and he looked forward to a higher value in the future.

      GAO stopped for quite a long time in front of the photo of President XI Jinping shaking hands with LU Guanqiu, all sorts of feelings welling up his mind. XU Xu, Vice-minister of The United Front Work Department of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of Zhejiang Federation of Industry & Commerce, who accompanied GAO on the visit, said: “LU Guanqiu is the pride of Zhejiang entrepreneurs. Why there are so many enterprises emerging in Hangzhou and Xiaoshan? Partly because LU encouraged a large number of businessmen. A successful entrepreneur means a lot. The house he lived will be renovated into the Former Residence of LU Guanqiu. It is very plain and touching. General Secretary XI specially praised LU while talking with CHE Jun (Secretary of Zhejiang Provincial Party Committee) and YUAN Jiajun (Provincial Governor of Zhejiang) during his inspection in the South Lake, Jiaxing. CHE transmitted XI’s instruction to LU Weiding immediately.” Hearing this, GAO nodded and emphasized that LU Guanqiu’s spirit was worth summarizing and Wanxiang culture should be carried forward.

      CHEN Tiexiong, Vice-Chairman of Zhejiang Provincial Committee of CPPCC and head of Department of Land and Resources of Zhejiang Province, LI Chunguang, Director of the General Office of All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, WANG Jianyi, Chairman of Zhejiang Federation of Industry & Commerce and Vice-Chairman of Hangzhou Municipal Committee of CPPCC, and FENG Renqiang, Chairman of Hangzhou Federation of Industry & Commerce accompanied GAO to visit Wanxiang. CHEN Jun, Vice-President of Wanxiang, and other Wanxiang executives took part in the reception.


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